Promise to You 400

There is nothing like it.


Really, I mean it. There is nothing like it.


Especially for someone who values their time, money, and energy very highly.


Maybe you can relate?


Or maybe you'd like to know what I'm actually talking about first?


Nothing Like This:

Whether it's through a genuine mistake and misunderstanding OR if it was malicious and intention, there is absolutely nothing like being mislead.


Having been pretty far into this personal development industry and the traditional mental health industry too... I so, so wish there was something different that could be said.


Unfortunately, it happens all to often.


There are many good, pure-hearted people in the mental health and personal development industries that consistently try to do the right thing. Many of them consistently repeat the things they were taught without much exploration of alternative perspectives.


Sometimes these things are helpful.

Sometimes they're not so helpful.

Sometimes they're even dangerous.


As you likely have too, I have learned quite a few things the hard way in these industries, and I do everything I can to avoid amplifying this trend.



So... seeing how much all of us value our time, money, and energy; and seeing how much all of us love to be misled, please see my promise to you below:

 My Promise to You

My promise to you is to be as honest as I possibly can with you. If I am not proficient in the area you need help with or the goal you are pursuing, I will tell you that as soon as I can.  If you would be much better served by someone else, I also am happy to tell you that and guide you in their direction.


In addition to honesty and integrity, I also value time, money, and energy very highly, including yours. If you are humble and willing enough to make the monetary, time, and energy investment into conquering your challenges and developing yourself, it is important for you to get the results you want.


Not everyone is willing to invest in themselves by hiring a guide or able to find the humility to ask for help. I have a deep admiration for that personality trait, and I do not want to waste your time, money, or energy if you act with this trait. If I have no clue how to help you, or I am not really proficient in that area, I will tell you that as soon as I am aware of it.


All that being said, please realize that I have a very strong base to work from across a wide-range of skill sets. I also am constantly fine tuning the skills I already know while also obtaining new skill sets that I believe many people are in search of. Nevertheless, I know what I don't know and I am not desperate enough to try to act like I know something when I don't. For me, personally, it is much easier to just be honest with you. And, again, this is my promise to you- to be as honest as I possibly can with you.

The Gute Life